Stephanie will work hard to focus on the following long-term initiatives facing the city of Los Angeles: homelessness, technology investments, job creation, city infrastructure, maintenance, and beautification. 

Los Angeles needs to face the facts. Our current homelessness system is broken and failing. An estimated 40,000 homeless people live on…
Technology for a better LA
The city does not prioritize technology investments. Our status quo politicians have decimated IT budgets resulting in massive waste, inefficiencies, and missed…
Jobs & Industry
We need to ensure that our industries are thriving and that the regulations are not so prescriptive that businesses want to move…
Cannabis Reform
First, some of the facts: Cannabis consumption has been proven effective for managing chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, glaucoma, ADHD, side effects from…
Gas Tax
In 2020, the City of Los Angeles used YOUR gas tax dollars to pay for employee retirement incentives in the form of…