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Clements for LA Controller
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Clements for LA Controller
"She has smart proposals to address longstanding problems."
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Clements for LA Controller
Experienced City Hall Insider not afraid to challenge the Status Quo
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Clements for LA Controller
Fiscal Watchdog looking out for Angelenos
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Why Stephanie

Challenging times call for leaders who will challenge. Stephanie Clements is that leader.  With over two decades of experience working for the city of Los Angeles, she’s a strong and passionate advocate for accountable financial management and fiscal transparency at all levels of the government. An anti-corruption crusader and a voice dedicated to improving the lives of all Angelenos. As an insider and public servant, she understands firsthand the complexities and responsibility of managing a city with an 11+ billion-dollar budget. As an outsider, Stephanie is deeply affected by the corruption and financial mismanagement contributing to a rise in homelessness and mental health cases, a decaying infrastructure, and a receding quality of life.  Stephanie has the experience, knowledge, and courage to implement lasting change and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. As Controller, Stephanie will promote the use of open data, emerging technologies, and expert analytics to:


Stephanie Clements is no stranger to managing large city budgets, departmental accounting functions, and complex financial operations. Throughout her career, she has streamlined city fiscal processes and participated in a multitude of city audits of vital programs. Here’s how she adds up.

  • Develops and manages annual $220M Budget

    in Public Works funding comprised of 20+ different Special Funding sources

  • Manages $150M

    in local, state, and federal grants administration activities

  • Oversaw the $1.2 billion

    annual LA Fire and Police Pensions operating budget and accounting functions

  • Budget Analyst for $750M in Bond Programs

    including Proposition K, Seismic Bond and various Capital Projects

  • Implemented Streamlined Fiscal Systems

    as Financial Director at Department of General Services – Construction and as Assistant Director of the Bureau of Street Services

  • Advocated for IT Investments & Data-Driven Decision Making

    for the maintenance of Public Works assets including Trees and Streets to more effectively deploy resources

  • Hired Local Angelenos in Disadvantaged Areas for City Jobs

    and pushed for an increased hiring of Angelenos for city jobs through the Targeted Local Hire and Bridge to Jobs’ Programs

  • Participated in LA City audits

    conducted by the Controller’s office, the LA Fire & Police Pension Auditor, and independent auditors



The high level of corruption in the LA city government these days is alarming. 


LA doesn’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem. 


As a seasoned City employee, I see first-hand how inefficient our City services are. 

Will you join me?

Connect with us and make a real difference. 


Get out and vote on June 7, 2022. Do you need to register to vote? Go to Online Voter Registration.


Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as a volunteer.


Clements for LA City Controller. Your donation will support our campaign.


This is a Grassroots Campaign and I am not accepting funding from Developers, City Contractors, or Public Sector/Government Unions!

By working together, we can help
fix LA!


Stephanie will work hard to focus on the following long-term initiatives facing the city of Los Angeles: homelessness, technology investments, job creation, city infrastructure, maintenance, and beautification. 

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