The city does not prioritize technology investments. Our status quo politicians have decimated IT budgets resulting in massive waste, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities to improve the delivery of city services. Technology enhancements could help us in every aspect of city governance. It is difficult to hire IT personnel. The impact of this is felt at all levels of every department. We need to focus greater efforts on truly becoming a ‘smart’ city. Here’s how:

  • Advocate for substantial increase for IT investments through the Budget Process and thru a $100 Million IT Innovation Fund
    • Identify and reallocate dormant Special Funds or other one-time funding to the IT Innovation Fund 
  • Follow up on recent Audit recommendations on Civil Service and impediments to hiring IT personnel 
    • explore more IT exempt opportunities
    • simplify the IT civil service classifications 
  • Audit city functions that focus on IT improvement opportunities
  • Continue to unlock the power of data for increased productivity and data-driven problem solving
  • Build upon current asset inventory system efforts for more effective data-driven decision making
  • Update our antiquated 311-service request system to improve customer service 
  • Push for a centralized e-government platform for residents and visitors to access all. Create a customer-centered one-stop-shop allowing residents, businesses, and visitors to book reservations, access essential services, make service requests, and act as a payment portal
  • Transition to 100% paperless processes

Everywhere in the world, people, businesses, and countries use technology that comes from the many great minds in our state. Los Angeles, the city of innovation, cannot be left behind.