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Seven Candidates vie for Los Angeles City Controller

There are seven candidates who want to become the next City Controller for Los Angeles. It is the elected paymaster and chief accounting officer for the city. The position also has the power to conduct audits of city departments. The City Controller has been an elected office in Los Angeles since 1889.

Stephanie Helene Clements

Assistant Director, Public Works. Chief Financial Officer, Bureau of Street Services / StreetsLA.

Stephanie Clements, a third-generation Angeleno, is a fiscal expert and anti-corruption crusader promoting transparency in government, cost savings, and resource optimization. She has worked for the city for more than 25 years, including as CFO at both the Bureau of Street Services and the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pen- sions Dept. overseeing a $1.2B budget. Clements understands what it takes to lead in a challenging political environment, responsibly managing large complex budgets and stream- lining wasteful programs.

As Controller, her top priorities are: (1) Stop corruption in Los Angeles. Clements will be a fearless crusader against the corrupting influence of money in politics through real-world initiatives. (2) Eliminate the Ongoing Structural Budget Deficit. Clements will serve as a true independent fiscal watchdog strongly advocating for ending the ongoing pattern of over spending that results in city service cuts. (3) Improve city services to reduce government waste and inefficiencies. Clements will push for greater strategic technology investments, and civil service system / contracting reform.

Clements holds a master’s degree in public administration from USC and a bachelor of arts degree in business economics and political science from UC Santa Barbara. She is the proud mom of two fourth- generation LAUSD graduates and has been a strong advocate for work-life balance.

Hydee Feldstein Soto for LA City Attorney, Stephanie Clements for LA City Controller

The city of Los Angeles, at the heart of the Southern California megalopolis, has enormous challenges, and is in need of both smart and effective new leadership. The good news at the city attorney and city controller level, with incumbents leaving in both cases, is that there are excellent candidates on the June 7 primary ballot for both offices for L.A. voters to choose from.

In the city attorney race, two candidates stand out among the seven candidates, former United States attorney and Obama administration official Marina Torres and longtime local private attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto. Both lawyers come from immigrant families, both have deep roots in Los Angeles, have strong legal educations and stellar careers and both would bring a breath of fresh air to the job of being the city’s general counsel, giving legal advice and opinions on issues of municipal concern.

Of the two, we’re pleased to endorse Feldstein Soto for her overall experience and zeal for reform. “I want to be city attorney because the only thing that has improved here since I moved here in 1982 is that the brown haze is gone from the skies — everything else has gone downhill,” she told the editorial board. “As one of only three citywide elected officials, I would want to do something about that. … A lot of people are leaving because the quality of life is decreasing significantly, going to Utah, New Mexico, Tennessee. People are living in our parks and on our beaches; you can’t enjoy the weather because you can’t get through the tents to get to the beach and you can’t stroll downtown without stepping in human excrement.”


Mar Vista Resident Stephanie Clements Announces Campaign For City Controller

Clements Running On An Anti-Corruption, Pro-Fiscal Responsibility Platform

Mar Vista resident Stephanie Clements announced her campaign for City Controller on Friday, February 8. Clements has over 25 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer and Los Angeles City Executive overseeing budgets for some of the city’s most vital programs such as Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions and the Public Works – Bureau of Street Services.

The race for controller isn’t one that is as highly controversial or attention getting as the race for Mayor, but the City Controller is the person who is the chief accounting officer, auditor and paymaster for the entire city and who analyzes the effectiveness of different city departments. The Controller oversees three City Departments: Audit Services, Accounting Operations, and Financial Reporting and is in charge of city auditing and financial reports.

Clements is a third generation Angeleno who is running on an anti-corruption, pro-fiscal responsibility platform. She considers herself an anti-corruption crusader and government fiscal watchdog.