Gas Tax

In 2020, the City of Los Angeles used YOUR gas tax dollars to pay for employee retirement incentives in the form of up to $80,000 cash bonuses. This is an outrageous use of our citizens’ tax dollars, and it is an egregious example of the extreme fiscal mismanagement within the LA City government.

I believe that the government should spend gas tax money on roads, city services, and programs that would improve the lives of Angelenos. The gas tax should NOT be used to pay more money to already highly-compensated city employees.

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LA voters approved a sales tax increase to fund public transit improvements (Measure R). Yet, the city government secretly used your Measure R taxes to fund $80k retirement bonuses. As LA City Controller, I would never let your Measure R taxes pay for frivolousbonuses. Instead, I will ensure we use gas tax revenue to improve our city for all Angelenos.

I am the only candidate with the knowledge of the many fiscal problems in our city government, and I have the experience to stop this corruption. When elected, I will help Angelenos follow the money with transparent information, and I will end fiscal mismanagement for good.