As a seasoned City employee, I see first-hand how inefficient our City services are. And it’s not really the fault of City Departments or City employees. It’s the antiquated and bureaucratic system that sets them up to fail. As Controller, I will work to optimize City resources by identifying opportunities to streamline processes and eliminate redundancies. I know that this cannot happen until we address:

  • Serious Technological Deficiencies – The City does not prioritize technology investments and it shows. The City has decimated IT Budgets resulting in waste and ineffectiveness due to outdated and incompatible software, servers that are maxed out and unable to handle new applications, and current IT staff are not up to speed. The customer experience is not prioritized or user friendly. 
  • Civil Service System Problems  – The way the city hires is failing this City and needs to be reformed. Too much time is being wasted on civil service procedures, which keeps qualified employees from being hired and hinders the City’s ability to address problem employees. And most City employees don’t even live in LA. We must find ways to hire more Angelenos for city jobs. 
  • Bureaucratic Contracting Processes – I will work to make the contracting process more efficient so that City Departments can get the goods and services they need without having to go through months (and sometimes years) of red tape leading to waste and inefficiency.